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Alan Luo

creative coder


I'm a part-time developer, part-time maker, and full-time learner with a passion for pushing interdisciplinary boundaries. My work has two goals: to bridge the gap between artistry and technology; and to empower others to do the same by advancing global education.

By combining my extensive computer science experience and my widespread knowledge of other fields, I see and create things that are innovative and unique. I try to break down my projects for the public so that others may learn from them. I believe that through education and imagination, we can make the world a more beautiful place.

I'm currently part of Columbia University's Egleston Scholar Program, the university's most prestigous scholarship for engineers.

Volunteer Experience

Tutored younger students in math and science. Taught math up to pre-calculus level, physics, and chemistry.

Worked weekly with Wallingford Parks and Rec to run adaptive swim program for kids with special needs.

Worked with an NGO for asylum seekers and refugees. Provided community activities for adults and classes for children.

Working Experience

Created interactive interface for data labelling and feature engineering. Wrote paper and poster. Created Javascript library for running Amazon Mechanical Turk experiments. Later, presented to school about summer work.

Worked on white paper benchmarking adiabatic quantum annealing as a heuristic for discrete cardinality-constrained portfolio optimization.

Developed educational game to teach phonetics to children primarily using Cocos2D and Javascript / HTML5 Canvas. The game is called “Glue Monster,” and can be found on the company website.


Part of Egleston Scholars program, Columbia's most prestigous scholarship for Engineers, with a <1% acceptance rate.

Highly competitive summer program. Studied abstract algebra.

GPA: 4.0/4.0. University-level math courses.

Real Analysis: A Differential Equations: A
Complex Analysis: TBD Partial Differential Equations: TBD

Musical Experience

Played piano for Choate's jazz ensemble. Played big band sheets, in addition to comping and soloing. Performed for school 4 times a year.

Played piano for Choate's jazz combo. Played jazz music from various eras, from early swing to modern modal. Performed at school-hosted private events, such as a dinner for college counselors.

Played viola for Choate's Symphony Orchestra. Played symphonic music from various eras, including 1812 Overture and L'arlesienne. Performed 1812 Overture at Carnegie hall. Performed for school 4 times a year.

Section leader for viola section in Choate's String Orchestra. Played string ensemble music from various eras, including St. Paul's Suite. Performed 4 times a year.

Selected Projects

alanluo.com (link)

Regularly updated and curated gallery of projects. Open-source Pico theme.

docs.alanluo.com (link)

My personal knowledge base that I have made publicly available. Provides an educational reference and a repository of projects. Open-source Pico theme.

Ablobalypse (link)

A retro action-platformer game. One-man development endeavor. I did everything: art, music, code, marketing, etc.

Computer Music (link)

Built a soft synthesizer in Pure Data and composed interactive music with it. Also created a wearable glove interface using Arduino.

Glitch Art (link)

Created glitch art installation with 40+ pieces. The pieces combine visual theory with concepts from audio processing, linear algebra, computer graphics, and more.

Procedural Generation (link)

Created 2D planet generator which creates artistic renditions of alien planets. Created 3D planet generator which creates interactive environments.

Javascript Demos (link)

Regularly updated gallery of interactive Javascript demos. Open-source Jekyll theme.


Music Composition and Production

Have studied composition, theory, and production.

Studied music theory past AP level, including advanced modern harmony. Studied the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Total Organization with Ben Schwendener, who co-edited the LCC and worked directly with George Russell.
Can read music notation, and use notation software. (MuseScore)
Can use Logic Pro and a handful of major plugins, including Omnisphere, Komplete, and Plogue Chipsounds.
Studied classical composition with Netta Hadari, who led the Greater New Haven Youth Orchestra.
Studied jazz piano and theory with Noah Baerman, who studied under and was commended by Kenny Barron.


Have programmed for more than 8 years in many languages. Was president of Choate's programming club.

Regular contributor to open source software. See Pico and freeCodeCamp.
Proficient with Javascript (ES6), HTML/CSS, Java, Python, Unity.
Most major front-end libraries, including jQuery, Node, React
Significant experience with Arduino, graphics, full-stack (LAMP, Flask, Node), data analysis (numpy, Mathematica), LaTeX
Many others, including PD, SVG, C/C++, C#, Linux/Bash


Selected as prefect
Advanced debater, won as high as second place
Semifinalist for all-school speech competition (Pratt-Packard)
Regularly teach students through peer tutoring and clubs
Organize tournaments, hackathons, and other events, raising thousands for charity