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Alan Luo

creative coder


I'm a part-time developer, part-time student, and full-time maker with a passion for learning and creating awesome projects.

I code for two reasons: to unlock emergent aesthetic and bridge the gap between technology and creativity; and to promote global education and help others achieve their full potential.


Created interactive interface for data labelling and feature engineering. Wrote paper and poster. Created Javascript library for running Amazon Mechanical Turk experiments. Later, presented to school about summer work.

Worked on white paper benchmarking adiabatic quantum annealing as a heuristic for discrete cardinality-constrained portfolio optimization.

Developed educational game to teach phonetics to children primarily using Cocos2D and Javascript / HTML5 Canvas. The game is called “Glue Monster,” and can be found on the company website.

Selected Projects

alanluo.com (link)

Regularly updated and curated gallery of projects. Open-source Pico theme.

docs.alanluo.com (link)

My personal knowledge base that I have made publicly available. Provides an educational reference and a repository of projects. Open-source Pico theme.

Computer Music (link)

Built a soft synthesizer in Pure Data and composed interactive music with it. Also created a wearable glove interface using Arduino.

Swarm Robotics (link)

Designed, milled, soldered, and programmed small communicating robots.

The Choate News (link)

Proposed and spearheaded initiative to overhaul outdated website. Built website using Wordpress, maintained and administrated it including SEO. Website now regularly sees a thousand visitors a day.

Procedural Generation (link)

Created 2D planet generator which creates artistic renditions of alien planets. Created 3D planet generator which creates interactive environments.

Javascript Demos (link)

Regularly updated gallery of interactive Javascript demos. Open-source Jekyll theme.



Have programmed for more than 8 years in many languages. President of my school's programming club.

Regular contributor to open source software. See Pico and freeCodeCamp.
Proficient with Javascript (ES6), HTML/CSS, Java, Python, Unity.
Most major front-end libraries, including jQuery, Node, React
Significant experience with Arduino, graphics, full-stack (LAMP, Flask, Node), data analysis (numpy, Mathematica), LaTeX
Many others, including PD, SVG, C/C++, C#, Linux/Bash


I have used a wide array of software in my various positions.

Extensive use of Photoshop
Consistent use of Illustrator, InDesign, Eagle, Ableton Live


Selected as prefect
Advanced debater, won as high as second place
Semifinalist for all-school speech competition (Pratt-Packard)
Regularly teach students through peer tutoring and clubs
Organize tournaments, hackathons, and other events, raising thousands for charity


Highly competitive summer program. Studied abstract algebra.

University-level math courses. GPA: 4.0/4.0.

Real Analysis: A Differential Equations: A
Complex Analysis: TBD

AP-Level Courses (or beyond):

AP BC Calculus: A+ Modern Math, Honors: A
Linear Algebra, Honors: A+ Virtual Reality, Directed Study: A
Multivariable Calculus, Honors: A+ Procedural Generation, DS: A
Game Theory, Honors: A Computer Music, DS: A
Graph Theory, Directed Study: A Science Research Program: A

Test Scores:

PSAT: 1510/1520 AP Physics C: 5,5 AP Computer Sci: 5
SAT II Math 2: 800 SAT II Physics: 800 SAT II Chemistry: 800
AP Physics: 5 AP Chemistry: 5 AP Statistics: 5
AP English Language: 5 AP Microeconomics: 5 ACT: 36/36


Award for Excellence in Advanced Study of Computer Science: 2017, winner
Cum Laude Society for 5th formers (ten students in year): 2017
Award for Excellence in Advanced Study of Mathematics: 2016/17, HM
Prize for General Excellence in the Fourth Form (Character, Scholarship, Influence and Honorable Conduct): 2016, honorable mention
Pratt-Packard Declamation Contest Semifinalist: 2016
Prize for Excellence in Trigonometry and Precalculus: 2015, winner
Dean's List for CRH Students Who Excel in All Subjects: all terms

Science Research Program

Competitive signature two-year program. Requires writing review paper and creating a poster about a 10 week summer research internship. Culminates in a presentation to the school in the fall.


Prefect of Hill House
Lead Online Editor of The Choate News (official school publication)
Designed and created website: thechoatenews.choate.edu
Maintain and administrate site, manage advertisements
Co-President of the Choate Programming Union (CPU)
I teach people to code three times a week. Examples at cpu.party
President of Games and Change
Run tournaments and gaming events to raise money for causes
Peer tutor for math and physics
Meet once weekly with younger students for tutoring math and physics
Physics club, Math team, STEM club, Robotics team