Procedural Generation

This is my work on procedural generation. Loosely, we can define procedural generation as a class of algorithms that allow us to generate complex and varied structures from simpler rules.

A large part of my work was done through a directed study at my school. I had two large projects, a midterm and a final. For each, I also documented my methodology for my work.

Please note: due to compiler issues on my Mac, the Windows version of the final project is currently broken. See the final docs for a demo video.

All code is available on my github, which you can find on the homepage.

Documentation for the Documentation (yes, I went there)

I wrote the documentation in Markdown because it is easy and clean. While it doesn't necessarily offer you as much power as directly writing to HTML, it is significantly faster to write in.

I used Pandoc to convert these files to HTML format. I edited the HTML a little bit to suit my own formatting using regular expressions. Then I found some HTML to PDF converter on Google. (The HTML to PDF conversion on my version of MacTeX isn't quite working for some reason.) I had to do a simple regex replace to convert all the local URLs to ones on my own server so that the online converter could add images. This explains the slightly off formatting on some pages on the PDFs.