Alan Luo

Creative Coder & Full-Stack Developer | Columbia '23 | Cambridge, MA

Personal Statement

I’m a part-time developer, part-time student, and full-time maker with a passion for learning and creating awesome projects. I specialize in interdisciplinary work that bridges creativity and code. I see technology as a tool to drive forward global education and research. I believe that communication and clear language is the foundation of all quality work.

Professional Experience

Dark Forest | Game Designer & Front-End Developer

January 2020 - now

Sponsored by Ethereum Foundation. Creating the world's first-ever real-time game on Ethereum using zkSNARKs. Leading front-end using React and Webpack. Created procedural graphics using canvas. Presented work to 2020 Ethereum Workshop.

Columbia Graphics and User Interfaces Lab | Research Intern

September 2019 - March 2020

Developing applied technologies for augmented reality and virtual reality with Prof. Steven Feiner. Currently working on project to use augmented reality as a means of improving training for dental students.

Countable Web Productions | WebGL & Front-End Developer

February - June 2019

Worked as a contractor and developer for a variety of projects, with an emphasis on open-source company organization and rapid prototyping. Created a VR Chatbot for lead conversion, and built the Smart Inquirer an AI-based assistant for analyzing legal documents which is entering deployment. Used Scrum / OKRs internally for project management.

Alan Luo Consulting | Full-Stack, Content, & WebGL Freelancer

2018 - now

I do freelance consulting. I specialize in doing every part of web work, from design to full-stack development to content writing to SEO. I specialize in WebGL and creative work, adding interactive elements to help clients build their brand.

Visual Analytics Lab at Tufts | Research Intern

June - August 2017

Created interactive interface for data labelling and feature engineering. Wrote paper and poster. Created Javascript library for running Amazon Mechanical Turk experiments. Later, presented to school about research work.

Project: Little Planet Procedural | Creator

March 2016

Created page to generate random artistic interpretations of alien planet landscapes. I used Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. The project is open-source on Github (/alan-luo/planetprocedural), and has 8000 views, 68 stars, and 5 forks. I also wrote 40 pages of documentation to explain the processes and algorithms that power the page.


Columbia University in the City of New York | BSE, Computer Science

2019 - 2023

GPA: 4.06/4.00. Egleston Scholar - Columbia’s most competitive engineering scholarship (<1% acceptance rate)

Clubs: Application Development Initiative (committee member), Columbia Creative Coding Club (founder) CU Records (recording engineer), Jazz Ensemble (piano and guitar), Musical Mentors (guitar teacher)

Teaching: Programming for Social Impact (TA, Fall 2019, Spring 2020)

Courses: Multivariable Calculus (A+), Data Structures (A+), Physics I / II (A+), Real Analysis (A), Advanced Programming (A+*), Fundamentals of Computer Systems (A*), Differential Equations (A**)


Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Graphics: Unity, THREE.js, D3.js

Libraries: jQuery, React, Canvas

Data: Python, Mathematica

Back-end: Flask, PHP, Node

Team: Github, Trello, Agile / Scrum

Et Cetera

HackPrinceton 2019: Won Contrary front-end developer competition.

Duolingo Certified Expert in English (2019-02-23): “Can understand virtually anything, even… academic lecture[s] and book[s] on philosophy. Can use the language [in] a way that [is] more advanced than an average native speaker.

Tetris 40line time: 43.2

Highest Hearthstone rank: 1372

Rubik's 3x3: 32.5

Smash main: Diddy Kong

* Course taken pass-fail covered due to COVID-19. Grade calculated from midterms.

** Course taken at Stanford ULO.